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Welcome to Moneca Kaiser Design Build

where exceptional interior design in Ottawa comes to life. As your premier destination for transformative home experiences, we specialize in crafting spaces that resonate with your unique lifestyle. Elevate your living with our award-winning expertise in residential design, architects, and home renovations.

Some homes make life harder than it needs to be.

Too many people live in dysfunctional houses because they don’t have a wise designer who understands their needs and helps them see what is possible. 

Together, we will realize your vision of the ideal home for your family and transform your life.

Not just a home you Love. Our wish for you is

A Home That Loves You Back

The Home We Wish for you

Will feel like the embrace of a precious friend. The friend that always has your back and never holds you back. The friend that helps you soar. It’s not A Dream Home, we have much more in mind for you. 

A meaningful home, designed to align with what You most value, and is beautiful. A home that makes your lives and relationships a little easier because it gives you space. Space to be yourself, to retreat, and to come together. Space to create. It’s not about size.

Such a home will graciously expand to welcome family and friends, it wants to host celebrations. It’s heart is Your kitchen, designed to be easy to cook together and entice lingering over dinner… Your home will change us by revealing caring as the true source of our shelter rather than mere sticks and stones. 

This is the home we will co-create. We’ve got your back and want you to soar !

Experience the difference with Moneca Kaiser Design Build – your partner in achieving the perfect blend of interior design, residential architecture, and home renovations in Ottawa. Transform your living space, transform your life.

A note from Moneca


I’m a Home MAKER at heart, in solidarity with my sisters and harmony is my life’s thesis. I founded Moneca Kaiser Design Build a quarter century ago and came to this work I love unexpectedly. This philosophy of HomeEcology™ came to me as a way to align my Buddhist sensibilities with an industry invested in our discontent. 

Elegant, eco-friendly design is critical to our planet’s survival. Together let’s leverage our homes to build the change we want to see in the world with elegant design, built to last with eco-effective materials and practices, healthy for us and for our planet.

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