Wise Critique & Revision
of Your Floor Plan


Perfected Floor Plan

How Perfected Floor Plan Works

Step 1: We provide a Critique of your submitted floor plan

Step 2: We provide The Perfected Floor Plan for your home

Build the Change You Wish to See in the World

Building or renovating your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your lifetime, not only financially; you will invest your heart and soul. Even with a great designer, you may be too close to empirically access if the design capitalizes on your site’s potential and every opportunity to uplift your life. 

For a quarter of a century Moneca Kaiser Design Build Ltd has been renovating homes wisely. We have seen hundreds of homes that did not live up to their potential causing unnecessary strife for families and often ending up in landfills with unconscionable environmental impact. 

We founded Perfected Floor Plan as an antidote to this frankly tragic situation. Together let’s make sure you have the elegant, beautiful, inspiring & nurturing home you aspire to. Like Spider Man’s uncle Ben says, with great privilege comes great responsibility. Let’s create a lasting legacy to be proud of, honouring this earth’s precious resources and the privilege of being able to afford such a wonderful home.