Your home is your haven and abode. It is but natural that you should want to make your home ideal and perfect for yourself and your family. Which is why undertaking a home renovation project becomes crucial. It might seem daunting to even take the first step in starting to your project. So how can you get started and stay on track of your renovation project? Here are a few questions you should ask at the onset of the project.

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With MKDB it all begins with getting to know you and what you value. We start our process with the BIG PICTURE Consultation…

“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it” – George A. Moore..

The New Year is an opportunity for new beginnings. There’s something about the promise of a brand new year that invigorates us to set resolutions and ‘start over’. 

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Daylight Savings and Patterns of Nature in Your Home

Winter home must be healing and bright, after all if the space you inhabit is sunny and cheerful it facilitates the happiness of you and your family. It has the capacity to awaken your senses, memories and mind and inspire productive energy, whether you are following nature’s pattern of winter hibernation or keeping your energy level high.

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What means Community

I had such a lovely time at the meditation retreat at Karmê Chöling. “A Shambhala meditation retreat center and community for people from all walks of

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Day 1 of the Radical Urban Reno

“It’s exciting to help them realize their vision of tempered needs and exaggerated effectiveness -counter coca cola revolutionary elegance of lifestyle by Euro-efficiency of design. In this world where the tv screens keep getting bigger and technology smaller and all of it more and more disposable they are intent on living and modeling a lifestyle that is counter consumerism by making this house into a home that is modest, elegant and truly accommodating.” Moneca Kaiser

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“MONECA KAISER DESIGN BUILD is all about Living in Harmony. We specialize in integrated design/builds. Always with a vision of taking care of you , our community & planet. Our foundation is listening to understand your needs and vision and translating that into Architectural Design and Building Construction and Interior Design as integrated arts to co create with with you that elusive ideal of home that nourishes you and our community.”

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Hubba Hub Ottawa

I’ve lived here a long time, long enough to call Ottawa home, longer than I’ve lived anywhere else, have imported a beloved sister who kinda won’t

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A Mud Room Confession

I have a confession to make… you know the great urban transformation that I did last year. The one that is going to be featured in Ottawa Magazine’s

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Waters & Hurricanes

Its been too long since I have written and I apologize and hope you will accept. I’ve strayed from my cardinal rule of writing, “butt in

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