Complete gut, Renovation and Seamless 2 story Addition of Old Ottawa South Residence


Our clients asked us if we would build a design a local architect had done. The answer was yes, if the design is fully resolved, which it was not. After they saw our concepts they decided to walk away from a considerable investment and start over with us and here’s why.



It’s a fallacy that not renovating the existing house and merely adding onto it saves money. The problem as you can see from this example is that it devalues the whole project i.e.

1. Renovating the Existing House is Often Essential

– Wasted real estate for huge hallway- Back to back living and family room- Bathroom & laundry room is in the prime real estate- cutting off the main living areas from natural light and the connection to the outdoors. (2 full bathrooms is too much) – The rooms are segregated because of the original bathroom location, so it feels tight instead of spacious and these days we like to live in one room.

2. Design to Let the SUNLIGHT in & Invite a Relationship with the Yard

In our design the whole back of the house is open to let in the light and embrace the outdoors as part of the home. (In the other design because they were not renovating the existing house, it dictated that the bathroom and laundry room be in the prime real estate, blocking the view and light of the back yard.)

Our clients fell in love with what we proposed, and decided to walk away from their investment with the other firm. Notice that the living dining and office areas are all flexible and can be interchanged. They do actually change it with the seasons. Also we have a main floor bedroom and bathroom which is ideal if viable.